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Victorian Dairy Farmers: simple ways to save energy

This set of videos, produced by WestVic Dairy, was partly funded by Sustainability Victoria.

The videos provide tips and advice for dairy farmers on how to reduce their energy. The main focus is on improvements that are relatively low cost, have short payback periods and can be implemented in most dairies.

See the bottom of the page for relevant grants.

Simple Ways to Save Energy Video

Simple Ways to Save Energy

This short video will give you some low cost & no-cost ways to reduce electricity usage on your dairy farm

Water Heating Video

Water Heating

For hygiene and washing it is essential to have the water heated to the ideal temperature.

Milk Cooling Video

Milk Cooling

Tips and resources to have your cooling equipment performing efficiently.

Energy Use on Australian Dairy Farms Video

Energy Use on Australian Dairy Farms

Help your farm team and family understand energy consumption, e.g: milk cooling and milk harvesting.

Milk Harvesting

Milk Harvesting

Ways to reduce the energy costs associated with milking.

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Sustainability Victoria is currently offering grants to carry out an energy assessment, and identify and implement energy improvements.

Sustainability Victoria energy assessment grants