Victorians' Perceptions of Climate Change

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The majority of Victorians are optimistic about making a positive difference on climate change and are willing to play their part.

Victorians' perceptions of Climate Change report cover

This is evidenced in the Victorians’ Perceptions of Climate Change report – which provides the most comprehensive picture yet of climate change related attitudes, beliefs, expectations and behaviours held by different demographic groups across the state.

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Victorians' Perceptions of Climate Change Report

The research employed independent expertise and robust survey methods to ensure reliable results that accurately reflect the views of the Victorian population as whole.

With Sustainability Victoria’s focus on supporting the community to act on climate change, the need for reliable intelligence on current community attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and expectations of government in the area of climate change was needed to inform policy and program development.

The Climate Change Social Research was conducted on behalf of Sustainability Victoria by Wallis Research, a Victorian-based research company with a strong reputation for expertise in conducting social and government research.

Join Victoria's pledge to act on climate change. Pledge NowSurvey content was developed with input from a range of relevant experts on questionnaire design, climate change and /or behaviour change.

The research was conducted in November and December last year using a CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) methodology.

A total of 3,333 Victorians took part in the survey. The survey sample was carefully designed and controlled to provide results that can be projected to the broader population with confidence. The survey estimates have a high level of statistical reliability. (At the 95% level of confidence, the margin of error associated with the sample of 3,300 is plus or minus 2.5%.)

Survey data will be used by Sustainability Victoria and actively promoted to other Government Departments and through regional networks to:

  • Inform the development of programs
  • Guide the evolution of policy
  • Provide a baseline against which to measure future changes

A selection of key top line findings from the research can be found below (click to enlarge):

93% of Victorians want State Government action on climate change91% of Victorians believe climate change is caused by human activity91% of Victorians believe climate changes is caused by human activity, 4% say there is no such thing as climate change, 3% believe it is due to natural processesFour out of five Victorians are willing to take action on climate change

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Climate Change Social Research Summary

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Climate Change Social Research Summary word version

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