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Utility Tracker is a free MS Access based utility management application. It is aimed at local government operations but is suitable for use by a broad range of organisations.

Utility Tracker allows users to monitor and report on the usage and associated greenhouse emissions of electricity, gas, public-lighting and fleet assets, as well as water consumption across hundreds of sites and utility accounts.
More than just a repository for utility bills and assets lists, Utility Tracker produces reports to highlight progress from sustainability initiatives for individual sites, across sectors and for whole of organisation greenhouse and water reporting.

Download Version 2.9.2 (added 1/2/2012)

In February 2012 Sustainability Victoria released an updated version of the Utility Tracker 2.9. Features of this new version include:

  • updated greenhouse co-efficients to allow the accurate calculations to be done across years, rather than a single coefficient being used as is currently the case
  • enhanced reporting functionality to produce greenhouse reports across sectors, multiple sites or for user defined locations
  • enhanced functionality to allow users to more easily upload billing information from Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • return a range of analysis tools which had been removed from v2.8.

Work was also completed as part of the upgrade to remove inaccuracies in the existing system.

Version 2.9.2 has some minor changes to:

  • LPG greenhouse emissions calculations
  • Fuel bills split across months and years
  • Help files converted into HTML files to allow opening over a network.

A zip file with the software, a sample data base, an empty database for entering your data, help file and templates for easy uploading of utility bill data is available at the bottom of this page. Please ensure that when extracting files the Use Folder Names box is checked.

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