Hydro resource in Victoria

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Hydroelectricity is generated when the energy of flowing water is converted into electrical energy. Water turns a wheel, or turbine, which rotates a generator to produce electricity.

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Few opportunities remain for large hydropower schemes with most of the viable sites fully developed in Australia . There are however some opportunities to increase hydro generation in Australia through: 

  • the refurbishment of existing plant and equipment
  • the development of mini-hydro (<1MW) generation

There is the potential for further development of smaller-scale hydro-electric projects in the water supply system throughout Victoria . A hydro resource study commissioned by Sustainability Victoria identified the potential to install 16.5MW of hydro electricity generation on existing water supply infrastructure. Melbourne Water is currently developing six mini hydro-electricity generating sites on its water supply system. The study also identified the theoretical mini-hydro potential within Victoria's stream network.


Key: Catchment Management Authority Power Potential (km >1MW)

Hydro legend

Catchment Management Authority Power Potential figures were developed in partnership with Hydro Tasmania. Power potential was recorded for each Kilometre of stream within each of the Catchment Management Authority boundaries. Each one kilometre stream segment has been classed into three power potential groups. The groups are; below 0.3 MW, 0.3 - 1 MW and greater than 1.0 MW. The above map indicates the number of one kilometre stream segments that have a power potential of greater than 1.0 MW.