How to Minimise Construction & Demolition Waste

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The construction and demolition industries generate over one third of all waste going to landfill. Over 75% of this waste is clean excavated material, concrete, bricks and timber. This waste is not an inevitable part of a project but a significant opportunity to increase a project's efficiency and profitability.

These waste materials, regardless of whether they are recycled or sent to landfill, represent a cost to your business. In addition to the obvious waste disposal and transport costs, there are further hidden costs such as the value of lost raw materials and the value-added cost from labour and energy. Minimising this waste is an opportunity to increase profit. There are waste minimisation opportunities in residential, civil and commercial projects.

Construction & Demolition Kit

The practical tools in this kit, developed specifically for the construction and demolition industries, can help your business get started on reducing waste.

Identify where waste may be generated in the design, specification and purchasing phases as well as on-site.

Document | PDF | 154KB
Guidelines for Preparing a Waste Reduction Strategy for Construction

Set priorities and measure your success.

Document | PDF | 158KB
Construction Waste Minimisation Plan

Set waste recovery targets in demolition.

Document | PDF | 150KB
Demolition Waste Minimisation Plan

A list of resources for waste minimisation in construction & demolition.

Document | PDF | 72KB
Publications & Resources

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Clean Site
One of the biggest sources of pollution in our waterways is building and construction waste. As a result, KABV has introduced the Clean Site education program, which looks to prevent pollution from building and construction sites entering our waters and polluting our environment.

Database, training documents and case studies for ecodesign.

Housing Industry Association GreenSmart
Information about practical, affordable environmental measures in relation to constructing, owning and running a home.

Resource NSW-construction and demolition section
Information about construction and demolition is in the Program section of the site and includes reports, fact sheets, information on recyclers and case studies.

60L Green Building website
60L is the premier green commercial building in Australia, unique in its approach to energy and water consumption, and the use of recycled and re-used materials during construction.

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