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The 2010 Green Light Report is a Victorian Government initiative to provide insight into the environmental attitudes, behaviours and household features of Victorians.

Sustainability Victoria commissioned the report and produced it in partnership with the Department of Sustainability and Environment and EPA Victoria.

The 2010 report follows up the original survey in 2008 and a second survey conducted in 2009, offering an insight into changes in Victorians' thinking and actions around current environmental challenges and opportunities. The report provides a consistent and shared base of evidence to guide program and policy planning in Victoria.

Some of the key findings for 2010 are:

  • 80% of Victorian's expressed some concern about the environment, down from 86% in 2009. Conducting the survey during the end of the drought and in autumn rather than the summer bushfire season may have contributed to reduced concerns.
  • Top ranking environmental issues of concern were water-related at 49% and climate change at 18%.
  • On water, 39% of homes now have water tanks, up from 30% in 2008.
  • On energy, plasma and LCD televisions have become more prevalent in homes since 2008, from 13% to 26% for plasma and 19% to 36% for LCD.

Further detailed findings covering the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of Victorian's to sustainability are contained in the report.

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2010 Green Light Report

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2010 Green Light Report summary of key findings for Local Government areas