Statewide waste planning

2015-2020 priorities

To achieve a first class integrated waste and resource recovery system for Victoria, a number of priorities have been identified. They are:

Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan Provides a statewide roadmap to ensure Victoria has the infrastructure to effectively manage the mix and volumes of waste for the next 30 years.
Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plans Developed by each of the Waste and Resource Recovery Groups (WRRGs), with support from Sustainability Victoria, the objective of these plans is to set out how the waste and resource recovery infrastructure needs of a region will be met over 10 years.
Victorian Waste Education Strategy Aims to ensure Victorian community, business, government and the education sector understand the importance of effective waste management and resource recovery.
Victorian Market Development Strategy for Recovered Resources The goal of this strategy is to stimulate markets for recovered resources in Victoria by reducing barriers and developing the right conditions for material and product markets to grow and mature.
Victorian Organics Resource Recovery Strategy Provides a strategic statewide approach to government, business / industry and the community to better manage organic wastes.
Collaborative Procurement Service SV works with and supports waste and resource recovery groups to undertake best practice collaborative procurement with councils for waste and resource recovery services and infrastructure.
Investment Facilitation Service SV can help attract and facilitate investment in waste and resource recovery infrastructure that increases resource recovery in Victoria.
Waste Data Service Delivers publicly available waste and resource recovery data, research and publications.