Top 5 recycling tips

Close-up of a woman carrying a milk crate filled with empty plastic bottles for recycling

Recycling reduces landfill, conserves resources and minimises the amount of greenhouse gases created in the production of new materials. Being careful to recycle the right items in the correct way will ensure the recycling process is as efficient as possible.

  1. Never put your recycling in plastic bags – it won't be able to be sorted correctly so may end up in landfill.
  2. Items don't need to be spotless but you do need to remove any food, like baked-on cheese and excessive oil from kitchen recyclables.
  3. Always check your council website before including soft plastic and plastic bags in your home recycling bin – they can cause major issues at recycling centres. Plastic bags and plastic you can scrunch into a ball can be recycled at major supermarkets.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, the small triangle on plastic goods doesn't indicate that an item is recyclable. Use the scrunch test instead.
  5. Recycle from every room – many bathroom products for example can be recycled. Place separate rubbish and recycling bins in each room of your house to help make recycling easy. If you don't have enough room for two bins, try a small box or container under the bench or in a cupboard to collect recycling.

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Recycling Near You

Planet Ark's Recycling Near You site offers information about the recycling and waste services offered by your council as well as local drop-off options for items including computers, batteries, printer cartridges and mobile phones.

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Detox your Home

Rid your home of dangerous and toxic waste responsibly, with the free Detox your Home program.

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Council waste and recycling

Household paint, batteries and fluorescent lights can be dropped off for free. Check with your local council for details.

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