An important step in the ResourceSmart Schools program is to establish a Baseline.

What is baseline data?

The Baseline is a record of each schools resource use when they commence the program. The Baseline is set by collecting 12 months of billing data for electricity, natural gas and/or LPG, water, waste to landfill and reams of A4 paper purchased, and the completion of the annual biodiversity audit. This provides a starting point to measure each school’s resource usage and shows progress in reducing resource use over time.

By comparing resource use with baseline for each year the online system automatically calculates:

  • annual resource costs
  • resource consumption per student, and
  • progress in reducing resource use compared to baseline.
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Getting started

Starting the ResourceSmart Schools program is easy. Schools have access to sustainability experts with the knowledge, skills and resources to help each school on its journey. The first step is to register your interest.

Once a school registers interest, a Regional Coordinator will make contact to provide more information on the ResourceSmart Schools program.

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Want to know more? Get in touch with:

ResourceSmart Schools Education Team

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