New and Improved ResourceSmart Schools

Our ResourceSmart Schools program has been updated and we’ve made some exciting changes that will make ResourceSmart Schools even better. The changes cut down the administrative requirements of the program, while maintaining the program’s rigour. We’ve also changed the look of the ResourceSmart Schools website. We hope you like the new look.

These changes are part of Sustainability Victoria’s commitment to improving ResourceSmart Schools and embedding sustainability in the school’s curriculum, campus and community.

Main changes

Changes include a reduction to the amount of action required by a school to achieve 3, 4 and 5 star certification. It also includes changes to reduce the amount of effort required to achieve module and star renewal.

Certification for 3, 4 & 5 star

What's changed

To gain your 3rd, 4th and 5th star, schools will no longer be required to complete 80 per cent of the actions in each module. You only need to complete the number of actions required to complete the module.

To gain a 3rd, 4th and 5th star schools will now be required to:

  • complete the required number of modules (1 Star – Core; 2 Stars – 2 modules, etc.)
  • demonstrate resource reduction and meet benchmarks. Refer to star checklists for detail.

Benefits to schools

This will significantly reduce the workload for schools. Note that quality will not be lost with regard to resource efficiency, as schools will still be required to demonstrate a resource use reduction and meet benchmarks as they have previously.

Note: for the 3, 4 and 5 star certification requirements please refer to the relevant star checklist.

School settings

What's changed

New fields have been added which need to be updated annually.

  1. Key Main Teacher – the school will be able to choose the key teacher from a drop-down list of their main teachers.
  2. Principal Name and email address – the school will need to input this information.

Benefits to schools

This will enable facilitators, coordinators and SV to identify who the main contact is and who the principal is at the school.

Other changes

We are taking this opportunity to make a number of other changes to improve your experience.

Other changes detail

Documents tab

What's changed

When a school goes to the Modules & Actions page, the tab for DOCUMENTS currently displays ALL documents that have been shared with community or public. This tab will now only display all documents that have been uploaded by the school.

Benefits to schools

Schools will be able to easily find all their documents in one place, rather than having to go to each module to see what has been uploaded.

Documents for 5 Star

What's changed

Previously, when a document was linked to the 5 Star Action 6.0, the user could not see this link in their Document list. Now when a document is linked to 5 Star Action 6.0, this link will display in the Document list in the same way that the list shows all other actions the document is linked to.

Benefits to schools

Schools will be able to see clearly where they have uploaded a document that meets the requirements of the 5 Star checklist.

Emails and alerts

What's changed

Emails and alerts from the system have been reviewed to reduce the number of emails being sent and to fix some that were not working. Emails will also include a link that will take the user to the relevant section of their account.

Benefits to schools

Emails received by schools will be more useful.

School area calculator

What's changed

It is no longer a requirement for schools to enter data about the school area or building area when completing Core.

The Mark on Map tool has been retained for use by schools that use this data in their biodiversity audit.

Benefits to schools

This has removed the need to calculate and enter data about the school area and building area, reducing time required when getting started on the Core module.

School dashboard

What's changed

The dashboard has been updated to provide schools with a clearer view of their progress through the system. When logging in you will now see how much you’ve saved since setting your school baseline and how you’re progressing against modules and stars. You will still be able see your dashboard graph, and links are available on the dashboard page to allow you to add bills, go to modules and stars.

Benefits to schools

This is the page school users land on when logging in to their ResourceSmart Schools online account. The layout has been simplified to enable schools to get the information they need in a more accessible way.

Greenhouse gas savings

What's changed

The school’s snapshot page (school's dashboard) under “How are we doing” was displaying CO2 savings incorrectly. As an example, the system displayed 40,00 tonnes of CO2 where it should display 40 tonnes. This error has been removed.

Benefits to schools

The change will ensure schools are provided with more accurate information.