Tidal energy can be captured from the flooding and ebbing tide through the use of either tidal turbines or tidal barrage systems, which trap large areas of water and require larger tidal currents.

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Tidal power generation opportunities along coastal Victoria are limited due to the small tidal range present in Bass Strait . However, the entrance to Port Phillip Bay and some parts of Western Port Bay present opportunities for the application of tidal energy technologies. Opportunities may also exist to utilise emerging tidal turbine technologies in areas of moderate to high tidal current speeds elsewhere in the State.

Appropriate sites for tidal turbines would be relatively close to the shore in water depths of approximately 30 metres.


Key: Potential tidal power (watts per square metre)

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The maps indicate the potential tidal power within Victoria. The resource does not take into account shipping lanes, water depth and other factors involved in assessing the commercial viability of this resource. The tidal potential for Victoria was developed in partnership with Water Technology.