Integrated waste management

Waste strategy, statewide waste and resource recovery planning and support to Waste and Resource Recovery Groups

What we have achieved as part of our strategic plan - SV2015.

Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan

We developed and delivered the draft Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan (SWRRIP), which involved a detailed analysis of Victoria’s current waste and resource recovery system – something which had never been done before.

Developing the draft SWRRIP involved a detailed analysis of the current waste and resource recovery system, including mapping the locations of more than 500 units of waste and resource recovery infrastructure, and analysing the expected mix and volumes of waste.

The plan proposes an approach to develop the right infrastructure mix to manage Victoria’s waste and facilitate an efficient and effective resource recovery system, providing Victoria with a clear roadmap for future investment in waste infrastructure by assessing our current capacity and future needs – including future land-use requirements.

In the plan, Victoria will have an integrated “hubs and spokes” network, where major facilities (hubs) will process significant quantities of waste and provide specialised processing for smaller quantities. A sequence of activities (spokes) will help the market consolidate the volumes of waste and increase the effectiveness of these key facilities. We hope that this will make investment by industry more attractive.

We worked with more than 350 stakeholders from local government, waste management groups, the waste and resource recovery industry, consultants and other government agencies during the consultation sessions, and over 45 submissions were received.

Regional Waste Management Group Support Package

In 2012-13, we supported all 13 Regional Waste Management Groups, with each receiving $125,000 in funding for projects that met one or more of the priority focus areas including market development, infrastructure upgrades, organics and/or kerbside recycling.