Food Waste in Hospitality Program

Overhead view of cooking scraps on a timber surfaceSustainability Victoria is seeking participation by City of Melbourne restaurants, cafes and hotels that predominantly provide table service to have a food waste assessment conducted at their premises. The program seeks to investigate where and how food loss occurs in this vital cog in the food supply chain. The assessments will be conducted from 11 April to 11 May.


You’ll find ways to further reduce food waste and therefore save money to put back into your business.

You’ll contribute to the reduction of food waste generation, ranked the third most important greenhouse emissions abatement solution by Project Drawdown.


The Food Waste in Hospitality Project aims to assist Melbourne-based cafes, restaurants and hotels to understand how and where food waste is occurring in their operations.

We are calling on your business to register for a free 2 hour food waste assessment that involves:

  • observing how and where food waste occurs in your business
  • collecting information including type, volume and mass of waste material generated.

Upon completion of the assessment, advice will be provided about reducing your waste, business costs and environmental impacts.


We’re looking for Melbourne-city based restaurants, cafes and hotels who principally provide table service.


Participants are being called upon now to have their food waste assessment conducted from 11 April to 11 May.


To book an assessment, please contact Luke Richmond on 9081 0440 or email

More Information

If you have any questions about the project, phone Kelly Wickham, Project Advisor, on 8626 8812 or email