Better commercial buildings

Commercial buildings in the Melbourne Central Business District

Sustainability Victoria is offering funding to boost the performance of your commercial building of up to $30,000 per building through the Better Commercial Buildings program.

Who can benefit from the program?

We are calling for applications from commercial building owners, agents, tenants and facility managers in Victoria, keen to identify and implement energy efficiency upgrades that lead to an improvement in building performance. Commercial buildings can include offices, hotels, retail and data centres, and some mixed use buildings.

How do I know if my building needs an energy efficiency upgrade?

Some give-aways that you need to upgrade your building energy efficiency are:

  1. Your staff/tenants have their own heaters and desk fans to counteract changing temperatures in the building
  2. Staff/tenants complain about the temperature and comfort of the office
  3. You notice an increase in staff sick days year upon year
  4. You have difficulty securing a long term tenant
  5. Your building doesn’t already have a NABERS rating

If you are still unsure, the first phase of the program will include an energy audit which will identify and outline the potential opportunities and how they can benefit you.

What are the benefits of making your building more energy efficient?

Our Energy Efficient Office Buildings report shows that improved building performance can lead to:

  • Savings in energy costs
  • Increased tenant satisfaction
  • Lower vacancy rates
  • Decreased tenant turn-over
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased asset value
  • Increase rental returns
  • Improves occupant health and well-being
  • Reduced staff sick days
  • Improved occupant comfort

In addition, the Better Commercial Buildings program aims to help owners improve their building’s NABERS rating on average by 1 star.

Read more about the benefits of a NABERS rating

What does the program provide?

This grant program provides matched funding assistance of up to $30,000 for commercial building owners to:

  • Conduct energy audits via a panel of pre-approved service providers
  • Implement energy efficiency upgrades of their choice
  • Measure and verify building efficiency improvement.

The program can also facilitate access to third-party finance to assist with upgrades.

How do I apply and what happens next?

The program involves a merit-based application process. Full details of the program are outlined within the registration form below.

Once you have completed the registration form we will assess your application and let you know if you have been successful.

Following this you will be able to select a Service Provider from our panel, or if you prefer to use your own contractor to deliver the project they need to apply to be included on the Service Provider panel in order for you to access grant funding.

The service provider will conduct an assessment and provide appropriate recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your building.

Approved projects must be completed within 18 months of the funding agreement being signed. This includes a 12 month monitoring period post completion of upgrades.

If you are interested in becoming a Service Provider for the program, register below.

How to apply

If you are the owner or agent for a commercial building, applications are open now.

This grant program provides financial assistance of up to $30,000 for commercial building owners to implement building energy efficiency improvements via a merit-based application process..

Approved projects must be completed within 18 months of the funding agreement being signed. This includes a 12 month monitoring period. Projects must be delivered through an Approved Service Provider.

The program will continue until the funding is fully subscribed or closed at the discretion of Sustainability Victoria.

To apply

Step 1:

Read and fill in the Registration form. Sustainability Victoria will use the information you provide to check if your building is eligible for the program.

Download the Commercial Building Grants registration form

Step 2:

Agree to the Terms of Participation in a Grants Program document to finalise your application.

Download Terms of Participation in a Grants Program Download Terms of Participation in a Grants Program - Word version

Step 3:

SV will contact you to discuss your application and the outcome of your application. Successful applicants will proceed to contracting for the grant.

Step 4:

Grant funding is contingent on appointing an Approved Service Provider to deliver your project. Once an Approved Service Provider has been nominated the project will commence.

Approved Service Providers are screened by SV and will have demonstrated competency in energy efficiency improvements for commercial buildings.

If you prefer to use your own contractor to deliver the project they need to apply to be included on the Approved Service Provider panel in order for you to access grant funding.

Find a service provider for the program.

The Better Commercial Buildings and Local Government Energy Saver program uses a panel of Service Providers to support energy efficiency improvements in the buildings that take part in the program. Only energy efficiency projects delivered through a Service Provider are able to receive grant funding.

What is a Service Provider?

Service Providers are organisations that have met SV requirements and competency in delivering energy efficiency improvements for commercial buildings.

Service Providers may be consultants, contractors or individuals, provided they meet the requirements of the assessment process.

Why do I need a Service Provider?

Service Providers:

  • facilitate an end to end service for the building owner and a nominated single point of contact to manage the project
  • have an understanding of the grant program and can guide a building owner to access grant funding
  • have a track record in delivering successful project outcomes
  • take a holistic approach to improving a building’s performance.

Building owners are free to request quotes from one or several Service Providers to compare offerings.

Any service provider contracted by a building owner as part of the Better Commercial Buildings or Local Government Energy Saver grants program must apply for a place on the Service Provider panel. If a building owner that chooses to use a service provider that is not on the panel, they will not be able to participate in this program.

How do I find a Service Provider?

Building owners are recommended to contact Service Providers to discuss their projects. Service Providers are listed below:

Business name: Ausnviro
Contact: Jay Gualtieri
Phone: 0408 768 607
Business name: A.G. Coombs Advisory
Contact: Andrew Nagarajah
Phone: 0438 316 015
Business name: Airmaster
Contact: Mark Dunn
Phone: 03 9837 8333
Business name: Allstaff Air-conditioning (Vic) Pty. Ltd
Contact: Ben Walley
Phone: 03 9551 3066
Business name: Carbonetix
Contact: Rick Hudepohl
Phone: 1300 311 763
Business name: Ecosave
Contact: Frank Pezer
Phone: 1300 55 77 64
Business name: Ellis Air Conditioning Pty Ltd
Contact: Justin Scholz
Phone: 0438 066 551
Business name: Energetics
Contact: Michael Ferguson
Phone: 03 9691 5512
Business name: Energy Makeovers
Contact: Roy Zandona
Phone: 0408 900 092
Business name: Enman
Contact: Anwar Ahmed
Phone: 03 9877 2266
Business name: FG Advisory
Contact: Luke Zha
Phone: 0411 135 880
Business name: Ironbark Sustainability
Contact: Matthew Sullivan
Phone: 0401 388 492
Business name: Lycopodium Process
Contact: Nathan Rogers
Phone: 03 9566 3700
Business name: Napier Blakeley
Contact: Rob Howells
Phone: 0437 649 082
Business name: Pit & Sherry (Operations) Pty Ltd
Contact: Robert Nicholson
Phone: 0418 224 795
Business name: Precise Air
Contact: Keenan McGrath
Phone: 1300 834 942
Business name: Team Catalyst Pty Ltd
Contact: G S Rao
Phone: 0417 405 475
Business name: Wood and Grieve Engineers
Contact: Paul Thomas
Phone: 03 8554 7000