Giorgio Dental

Based in Coburg, Giorgio Dental Laboratories makes crowns and bridges, implants, castings and prosthetics.

With the help of Sustainability Victoria, Giorgio Dental Laboratories purchased a 3D printer, part of a digital transformation that is enabling them to eliminate waste associated with traditional plaster moulds, improve accuracy and reduce production cost and time. This approach to materials efficiency is revolutionising the dental industry and helping Melbourne businesses compete internationally while reducing their environmental impact. The business has saved six tonnes of dental plaster, saving on costs to purchase the materials and to dispose of the unrecyclable waste.

Beyond materials savings, these investments have boosted productivity and the business has demonstrated new capabilities in same day turnaround. In one day, the laboratory is able to receive an Intraoral scan from a client, print a 3D model, mill a Dental Crown and in the afternoon a Dental Ceramist can hand finish the Porcelain Crown. The business is continuing to refine production efficiencies and grow with increasing demand for its services.

This improved cost competitiveness and the new digital workflows has allowed Giorgio Dental to become competitive in local and international markets, due to the faster turnaround times they can now provide. The new process also represents a positive effect on the environment providing a great example for Australian businesses. The end customer experience is also improved with less visits to get prostheses fitted and a better fit the first time.

This advanced manufacturing has also enabled Giorgio Dental to create 20 new jobs and reskill and upskill existing technician jobs.

Giorgio Dental video case study

Find out how Giorgio Dental Laboratories is eliminating waste through innovation.